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Everything about ByOn says desirable and enticing. With this in mind humbleness and personality is something we keep close to heart. Because, it feels quite special to be part of someone’s home, to get the opportunity to open up for all kinds of possibilities – and keep them coming …

ByOn’s core values, the playfulness and the perpetual curiosity, come to life once again in this autumn/winter collection 2017, filled with functional and inspirational home accessories and appealing furniture for your everyday lifestyle.


Concrete Cushion

Keywords: Roundness, surfaces, soft/hard, soft minimalism, contradictory, architectural
Materials: Concrete, stone, wood, linen, powder coatings, painted wood
Colours: All shades of grey, cold and warm, with a tint of blue and green, old rose


Retro Chic

Keywords: Art, retro, iconic, vintage, chic
Materials: Velvet, silk, glass, porcelain, brass, powder coated surfaces
Colours: Jewel tones, gold and leather, arty green, petrol blue and iron-gate


Rustic Fairytale

Keywords: Tradition, rustic, culture, urban farm
Materials: Leather, wool, iron, ceramics, glass, stone
Colours: Matt colours in olive green, brick red, gold and silver