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Everything about ByOn says desirable and enticing. With this in mind humbleness and personality is something we keep close to heart. Because, it feels quite special to be part of someone’s home, to get the opportunity to open up for all kinds of possibilities – and keep them coming …

ByOn AW17

ByOn’s core values, the playfulness and the perpetual curiosity, come to life once again in this autumn/winter collection 2017, filled with functional and inspirational home accessories and appealing furniture for your everyday lifestyle.


Concrete Cushion

The winding alleyways are embalmed with irresistible urban energy, of attractive soft minimalism and architectural charisma. A marvellous place that within its touch of classics and sharp contrasts really illustrates the word trendy. This story, like our Concrete Cushion collection, tells you that its content is created by love for the round and bare, warm and cold, from city to country, from concrete to linen. That its intention and purpose is to keep us enjoying it indoors when the late summer sunset starts to paint the sky in pinkish grey …


Retro Chic

Art deco and vintage frames this luxurious collection. The way of putting it together meets us in the hall and living room. We talk patterns, brass, metal and leather. And colours. Wonderful colours. Slightly deep but clear. Petrol blue, gold, arty green and iron-gate. The ample bouquet of spellbinding flowers scents the rooms as we move on. Drinking a glass of bubbles, enjoying the iconic feel and getting totally happy and hungry, when we see the gorgeous porcelain we’re going to set the table with. We are now in the kitchen. The heart of this Retro Chic collection. From here it all continues with driftwood, velvet, jewellery shades and lovely silk. Not necessarily in that order or with any perfection. That’s not fundamental. The passion is!


Rustic Fairytale

Revel in the art of innovation. Meaning, to excitedly create new settings by moving things in and out of traditions in a very stylish way. Take Christmas for example. We adore Christmas. But we think it should be integrated in our homes without having to be a separate interior season. Rustic Fairytale is therefore focusing on letting tradition and culture blend in by adding the unexpected with an expected feel. Setting a grand dinner table in a unique way, giving gifts and their wrapping a look out of the ordinary, a few of many promising possibilities that come with this classy collection. A selection that loves to spread its voluminous shapes in your home and will, if you allow it, take the place it so rightfully deserves …